Wednesday, October 3, 2012

C4K Summary for September

C4K #1

For my first C4K, I was assigned Santi's blog and "the best tries of the world" post. The video in the post by Santi was about tries to score in international rugby games. The comment I left was;
"Hola Santi,
Hello! I am excited to have the chance to comment on your blog. I have never played rugby and I know only a few rules about the game. I like this sport very much and this video shows how amazing the players are. Do you play rugby with your friends or family? I am from Mobile, Alabama, United States and I do not get the chance to see actual rugby games played here. I hope to see more in the future! The quickness that thee players on these teams exhibit it wonderful! Thank you for posting this video to share with the rest of the world! Feel free to contact me through my blog at
Gracias, Nancy!"
The video was, Rugby 2010 Best Tries of the Year.

For my second C4K, I was assigned Cooper's blog post Homecoming Week. In this post Cooper explains homecoming week at his school. He describes what they are allowed to wear each day. The comment I left was;
Hello! My name is Nancy Nelson and I attend the University of South Alabama. I was assigned your blog to comment on by my professor and I was happy to have recieved your blog. Homecoming week? I remember homecoming week when I was in middle and high school, it was always fun to dress up in different ways. I was wondering if your school is Catholic? I saw that you mentioned mass and I was curious. I noticed that your school is in Iowa. I have never been there, is it nice? I love the idea of the "50 Nifty Things Day," that sounds so awesome. I would probably where fifty clothespins or something like that. What did you wear? It was a great honor reading your blog post cooper! I hope that homecoming week has been amazing and you have had huge amounts of fun! I hope that your school wins the football game.
Go Spartans, Nancy Nelson
P.S. - If you want to respond to me please feel free to contact me through my twitter account @NancyN91 or my blog at

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