Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blog Post #1

Nancy Nelson

Some Information about Nancy Nelson
Well hello there, my name is Nancy Nelson and I was born here in Mobile, Al. I was born at the Mobile Infirmary, twenty-one years ago on June 11 at 8:35 a.m. Even though I was born here in Mobile, I spent the best years of my life, so far, across the bay in Fairhope. I moved to Fairhope in 2003 after my father passed away to live with my grandparents. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to go to school in Fairhope because I was able to take part in the Upward Bound Trio program. During my high school years, I participated in the program every Summer and during the school year. This program awarded me with a Presidential Scholarship to Faulkner State Community College in 2009. I accepted the scholarship and attended Faulkner State for one year and in 2010 I graduated with my Associate in Arts degree. The University of South Alabama was not my first choice school from where I would receive my Bachelors degree, but because of a living situation I decided to attend USA. This is the beginning of my third year here at South. I will complete my double major in Education and History Spring of 2014.

Currently, I work at Mobile First Church of the Nazarene where I take care of the beautiful babies every Sunday and Wednesday. Not only do I work with children at the church, but I also work as a part-time nanny. My future includes a third job, which I hope to find in a week or two. I have worked in many places, the majority being in the food business. I despise the restaurant business and I do not ever want to work there again.

My hobbies vary extensively. If you find me at home I will most likely be drawing, writing, or reading. I enjoy working with charcoal and pastels, but acrylic paint and colored pencils will do. Reading is very special to me, because one can escape into a different world whether it be fantasy, romance, war, and even ancient time. My largest interest is being around water. Freshwater, in my opinion, is so much better than saltwater, but I enjoy both. I enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing which I have not done recently. Traveling is another love of mine. The best place I visited was Italy. In the future I plan on purchasing a villa in Abruzzo region and spending the rest of my life there. Thats my dream anyway. I hope you enjoyed the summary of myself!

What did I learn from Dr. Randy Pausch?
The lecture on time management given by Dr. Pausch was interesting and funny. I have actually just started using a planner and writing "To Do Lists" along with many others lists to give order to my life. I completely agree with Dr. Pausch and his frog analogy. This is something I struggle with everyday. He said if you have three frogs to eat, do not eat the smallest first. I found this amusing because this type of thing is challenging for me because the worst thing I put on my list regularly is taking out the trash. I hate taking out the trash. I usually save it for last and when I do it gets pushed to the next day and so on. Being a college student makes time management a priority. When you have class, when you don't have class, when is the exam, what do I have for homework tonight? These are the questions that I deal with that I have to report on a calender or in a planner. I find that planning ahead can curve procrastination, which Dr. Pausch remarks about in the beginning of his lecture as being a serious problem for Americans. I agree with Dr. Pausch that if people gave as much effort to time management as they do to money management they would live better.

What I Know About Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch was a great man who died of cancer in 2008. I have known about him for a few years when he was introduced to me through his book by my eleventh grade English teacher. After a little research I found that he was a family man and he was very smart. He decided to do something with his life after being diagnosed and I found that extremely inspiring.