Saturday, December 1, 2012

Project #13

For this project, my group and I were required to use products such as Skype, google hangout, google presentation, and google documents to collaborate the information for our project #15. With google documents, we chose to outline ideas that we would use or our project #16 as well. This use of collaboration made it easier for us to organize our thoughts and get information to each other in a quick and easy way. We are using google drive very much for both projects. Our project 15 has been shared and shared. We really like using google documents to write outlines and notes to each other without uploading anything. It was difficult using the collaboration for everything. We texted a lot and used google hangout once or twice. We did not use google presentation at all. Working on the notebook software was a trip. It slowed our computers down a great deal so we would alternate in the lab and work on it then share the file on google docs, so that we could easily open it anywhere. This project was fun and I loved working with Amy Archer and Quentin Morris.

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