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Nancy Nelson

Some Information about Nancy Nelson
Well hello there, my name is Nancy Nelson and I was born here in Mobile, Al. I was born at the Mobile Infirmary, twenty-one years ago on June 11 at 8:35 a.m. Even though I was born here in Mobile, I spent the best years of my life, so far, across the bay in Fairhope. I moved to Fairhope in 2003 after my father passed away to live with my grandparents. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to go to school in Fairhope because I was able to take part in the Upward Bound Trio program. During my high school years, I participated in the program every Summer and during the school year. This program awarded me with a Presidential Scholarship to Faulkner State Community College in 2009. I accepted the scholarship and attended Faulkner State for one year and in 2010 I graduated with my Associate in Arts degree. The University of South Alabama was not my first choice school from where I would receive my Bachelors degree, but because of a living situation I decided to attend USA. This is the beginning of my third year here at South. I will complete my double major in Education and History Spring of 2014.

Currently, I work at Mobile First Church of the Nazarene where I take care of the beautiful babies every Sunday and Wednesday. Not only do I work with children at the church, but I also work as a part-time nanny. My future includes a third job, which I hope to find in a week or two. I have worked in many places, the majority being in the food business. I despise the restaurant business and I do not ever want to work there again.

My hobbies vary extensively. If you find me at home I will most likely be drawing, writing, or reading. I enjoy working with charcoal and pastels, but acrylic paint and colored pencils will do. Reading is very special to me, because one can escape into a different world whether it be fantasy, romance, war, and even ancient time. My largest interest is being around water. Freshwater, in my opinion, is so much better than saltwater, but I enjoy both. I enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing which I have not done recently. Traveling is another love of mine. The best place I visited was Italy. In the future I plan on purchasing a villa in Abruzzo region and spending the rest of my life there. Thats my dream anyway. I hope you enjoyed the summary of myself!

What did I learn from Dr. Randy Pausch?
The lecture on time management given by Dr. Pausch was interesting and funny. I have actually just started using a planner and writing "To Do Lists" along with many others lists to give order to my life. I completely agree with Dr. Pausch and his frog analogy. This is something I struggle with everyday. He said if you have three frogs to eat, do not eat the smallest first. I found this amusing because this type of thing is challenging for me because the worst thing I put on my list regularly is taking out the trash. I hate taking out the trash. I usually save it for last and when I do it gets pushed to the next day and so on. Being a college student makes time management a priority. When you have class, when you don't have class, when is the exam, what do I have for homework tonight? These are the questions that I deal with that I have to report on a calender or in a planner. I find that planning ahead can curve procrastination, which Dr. Pausch remarks about in the beginning of his lecture as being a serious problem for Americans. I agree with Dr. Pausch that if people gave as much effort to time management as they do to money management they would live better.

What I Know About Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch was a great man who died of cancer in 2008. I have known about him for a few years when he was introduced to me through his book by my eleventh grade English teacher. After a little research I found that he was a family man and he was very smart. He decided to do something with his life after being diagnosed and I found that extremely inspiring.

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  1. I think this post is very organized all the objectives that were assigned were pointed out with great details. The entire assignment was submitted in one post and all required parts were answered. The student information section was very interesting especially learning about someone thats from the same county. The optional assignment was not complete, I found two identical grammar problems in the whole post but overall I think the post was as close as perfect as it gets.